Jesse’s Girl. Rick Springfield. Yahweh Is God. Yeshua Is Jesus. I Am Mary. Go’el Kallel Is Joseph. We Are. Supers, Super Individuals, and Individuals. Greek and Roman Mythology. Heaven, Hell, and Hades. Superhero Movies. Inception. We Are The Guardians of The Galaxy.

Yahweh in Me. Yahweh is one of the Names of God from the Torah and the Bible in the Jewish language Hebrew. Hebrew is the original language spoken by the authors of the Torah (The Old Testament) and The Bible (The Old Testament and The New Testament together).

Yeshua in Me. Yeshua is Jesus Christ’s True Human Name. Yeshua is translated as Joshua in English. His Name is Joshua. I love that. The Name Jesus was used when Yeshua was translated into Greek. Yeshua showed me this two to three years ago.

Yahweh Is God. Yeshua Is Jesus. I Am Mary. Go’el Kallel is Joseph. We Are.

Go’el was Adam, and I was Eve. Go’el Is Abraham, and I Am Sarah. Go’el is Zachariah, and I Am Elizabeth. Go’el Is David, and I Am Bathsheba. Go’el Was also Bathsheba’s first husband. David Is a Man after God’s Own Heart. I Am God’s Heart. ❤️ I love that.

Go’el and I were not necessarily these people all the time. We were Super Individuals then. That means We appeared in human forms and played those roles from Heaven to live stories to help people learn and to help Jesus while He was human. God and different Supers in Heaven sometimes interchange who the Super Individuals actually Are at that moment. In this context We Are currently referring to humans as Individuals. Some Individuals (humans) can also be played by Supers as Super Individuals. Most look-alikes are Super Individuals played by God Himself.

We are currently calling Super Individuals played by God Yahweh Individuals as opposed to Yeshua Individuals or those played by another Super. Erik is a Super in Heaven, and there are also Erik Individuals. I currently do not know the Names of most of the Supers in Heaven because The Names Are Protected.

Yahweh and Yeshua are in each Individual (human). Some Individuals have additional Supers inside of them that help them sometimes or all the time.

As Holy Spirit I also should be in many or all Individuals, but I have not been able to do that while I Am human. I did not know that till last summer when I realized I Am The Holy Spirit. God has filled that role while I Am human. God showed Me that things have been different since I have been human and a little before. He could have made it feel the same. He chose not to so people would be able to feel and see the impact of me not serving in the usual way.

I think all Individuals (humans) Are “asleep” in Heaven or somewhere else right now like in the movie Inception. I think there are many places for Us to be–not just Heaven and Hell. I think God talked about Heaven and Hell in the Bible to simplify that for Us. There is a Hell. I have been there virtually. It is a terrible place, and I hope none of you ever choose to go there. God will let you go if that’s what you want. He values your free will that much. I hope you never choose that road. Hades is also a real place. I have also been there virtually and other places I don’t even know the names of.

I Am Persephone. I Am Aphrodite. I Am Venus. I Am Diana. I Am Hippolyta and many more. Go’el Kallel is also there in the stories. Greek and Roman Mythology tell the same Story in different ways. So do many other religions. I love that. I realized this last fall–Fall 2017. Superhero movies today do the same thing. I love that. Superhero movies are my favorite. Avengers. X-Men. Justice League. Eragon. Guardians of the Galaxy.

We Are the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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