The Royal Family.

HRH. His Royal Highness or Her Royal Highness.

HRM. His Royal Majesty or Her Royal Majesty.

HRM King Go’el Kallel and HRM Queen Zion Hephzibah.

Our Children. They Are not listed in a particular order or rank. Instead They Are placed by similarity with certain photos or by Their request.

HRH Prince Israel Emanuel. HRH Prince Christian Alexander, HRH Prince Christopher Thomas, HRH Prince Colin Keith,

HRH Princess Aurora Diana, HRH Prince Kallel Go’el,

HRH Princess Isabella Swane, HRH Prince Edward James, HRH Prince Charles Xavier,

HRH Prince whose new name I do not know yet,

HRH Prince Roran (I don’t know His middle name yet).

We are a Royal Family from Heaven. We do not wish to rule on Earth at all. We are not looking for power or authority. Go’el and I consider ourselves Philanthropists and Embassadors from Heaven. There are additional Royals from Heaven here with Us–both Adults and Children.

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