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Beauty Will Rise

“Out of these ashes, Beauty will rise
And we will dance among the ruins
We will see Him with our own eyes”

(Beauty Will Rise. Steven Curtis Chapman)

“So take another breath for now,
And let the tears come washing down,
And if you can’t believe I will believe
For you.”

(Beauty Will Rise. Steven Curtis Chapman)

“I can hear it in the distance
And it’s not too far away.
It’s the music and the laughter
Of a wedding and a feast.
I can almost feel the hand of God
Reaching for my face
To wipe the tears away, and say,
‘It’s time to make everything new”

(Beauty Will Rise. Steven Curtis Chapman)

“This is our Hope.

This is the Promise.

That it would take our breath away

To see the Beauty that’s been made

Out of the Ashes.”

(Beauty Will Rise. Steven Curtis Chapman)

Yeshua (Jesus) told me that I Am Beauty rising from the Ashes of the Fall and the War of Heaven described in this Steven Curtis Chapman song “Beauty Will Rise.” Yeshua said I Am the Phoenix that rises from the Ashes. Yeshua said I Am Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Glorious Unfolding.

“Lay your head down tonight

Take a rest from the fight

Don’t try to figure it out

Just listen to what i’m whispering to your heart

‘Cause I know this is not

Anything like you thought

The story of your life was gonna be

And it feels like the end has started closing in on you

But it’s just not true

There’s so much of the story that’s still yet to unfold

And this is going to be a glorious unfolding

Just you wait and see and you will be amazed

You’ve just got to believe the story is so far from over

So hold on to every Promise God has made to us

And watch this glorious unfolding”

(Glorious Unfolding. Steven Curtis Chapman)

“So let us remember this life we’re living

Is just the beginning of the beginning”

(Glorious Unfolding. Steven Curtis Chapman)

Take Another Step

“We walk by faith and not by sight we know it’s true

We say it and sing it and love the way it sounds

But none of us can even begin to truly understand

What it really means ‘til all the lights go out

And there we are nothing to hold on to

But the promises God’s made to me and you

Take another step, take another step

When the road ahead is dark

And you don’t know where to go

Take another step, take another step

Trust God and take another step”

(Take Another Step. Steven Curtis Chapman)

“If there’s an ocean in front of you

You know what you’ve gotta do

Take another step and another step

Maybe He’ll turn the water into land

And maybe He’ll take your hand and say

Let’s take a walk on the waves

Will you trust Me either way”

(Take Another Step. Steven Curtis Chapman)

Finish What He Started

“You take two steps forward and three steps back

On a journey of a thousand miles

And you cry and you pray

But you know at this pace you never will arrive

Well I know in your heart you believed from the start

God had a purpose He knit you together for

But life has pulled at the seams

And you’re unravelling

And you can’t hold it together anymore

But God will, He will finish what He started

No thread will be left unwoven

Nothing will be left undone

Every plan and every purpose

That He has will be accomplished

And God will finish what He’s begun

And it may feel like 40 long days in a hard driving rain

Or 40 years in a dry desert sand

But when He’s finished we will SEE

A beautiful tapestry

And know that nothing has been wasted in the end

Oh, and God will, He will finish what He started

No thread will be unwoven

Nothing will be left undone

Every plan and every purpose

That He has will be accomplished

And God will finish what He’s begun”

(Finish What He Started. Steven Curtis Chapman)

Only One and Only You

“I caught you looking in the window at your reflection and

I could see you were unimpressed

I watch you whither like a willow at what you think are imperfections

When you compare you to all the rest

And I wish I could find a way to make you see you the way I do

So I wrote this song for you

You’re better than a Beethoven symphony

And Mona Lisa wishes she could be a masterpiece like you

More than any Michelangelo

When I look at you I know

There’s no other masterpiece like you

You are the only one and only you”

(Only One and Only You. Steven Curtis Chapman)

This song really helped me feel beautiful. I have struggled with weight gain much of my adult life. I have been very hard on myself and my physical imperfections. Yeshua (Jesus) told me I Am beautiful over and over again until I heard Him instead of the criticisms around me. He helped me believe it. He also had me start taking photos and videos so I could see some of how He sees me. It helps a lot. I didn’t think anyone would care to see any of them at all, but He wanted me to post them anyway as a collection. That’s why I started my first blog My Style Decisions. I took down that blog and that social media. If it is still visible, it is not by me. My name before I changed it to Zion Hephzibah was Robin Anderson. Some of you know me by that name. I still answer to that name. I prefer Zion now as a reflection of my new life after my divorce.

This is my second blog I have been told there are other sites out there with inappropriate content about me from my previous marriage posted even in other countries. I want you to know I knew nothing about any of those websites or the making of any of them. I did not create them. I have never had sponsors or paid subscriptions. I have never been paid for photos or videos. Those sites were created without my knowledge and against my will and without my consent. I only just heard about them from God this last January or February 2018. I have never been a prostitute ever. Those accusations are completely false and beyond hurtful to me.

I have been told by God that messages have been sent from my phone and email addresses that were not from me. If you received anything like that from my phone that wasn’t from me I am sorry. I have also received text messages, voicemails, and emails from people claiming to be someone I know who are not them. That is identity theft and fraud. Will you please not do that ever. It is more damaging than I can ever say. Yahweh (God) knows everything even if you can fool me. I Am His Wife.

There are situations from my previous marriage and life on Earth that do not seem to make sense out of context. I know that. To protect those individuals and their choices I would rather not discuss it. I want you to know that I discussed everything I did from 17 years old on with God. Much of it doesn’t make any sense at all. I know. Much of it was very painful emotionally. I gave everything I had to God and Jesus and loved my former husband and the people around me as if they were Jesus themselves. The situations destroyed me. I did it for Yahweh and Yeshua. All of it was part of the bigger picture–the War on Terrorism. That part I will tell about sometime. Knowing that makes it easier to understand.

I have also been told there is inappropriate content about me on Facebook and possibly Instagram. I do not even have a Facebook account at all anymore and haven’t since Thanksgiving with my previous name Robin Anderson. I have never had a Facebook account with my new name Zion Hephzibah. I did try to switch to an Instagram Business Account and clicked on skip setting up a Facebook account but it said it made one anyway. That made me mad so I switched it back to a personal account. I never activated that Facebook account.

I used to love Facebook. It has been exploited by people I know and don’t know to hurt me so I exited the Facebook situation. I am sorry to Facebook for the trauma done to them. I have asked that Yahweh (God) make it right for all the websites and social media sites in particular. We have all been badly traumatized.

I have been told that there may be inappropriate content attached to my site that I cannot see at all. That is beyond hurtful to me. I have never posted no clothes photos or videos ever. I want you to know. is not about prostitution or pornography. It is supposed to be about My Story with each of you–you and me–and how God has worked in our lives.

If you see any inappropriate content about me or someone with bad intent pretending to be me or posted surveillance they shouldn’t post, will you please shut it down, report it, or flag it? It would mean so much to me.

Inappropriate content is not how I want to be seen at all. I hope that is obvious from this blog. This is My Story. This is who I Am.

Yahweh (God) explained it to me this way. Jesus lived a perfect life and people find that difficult to relate to. Yahweh had me live a life that appeared to be a mess to demonstrate how Jesus saves us no matter what and makes us new. I as a Human by facts only Am unworthy of Yeshua (Jesus) in every way. Yahweh told me because I was willing to have my reputation and finances be destroyed, because I was willing to make each choice with Him even though it looked like I had not lived by His ways at all that I had actually instead followed Him at every turn. That meant more than I can ever say when He told me that.

I don’t like to think about the past trauma. I am so thankful that this world is not all there is.

“Still I know that right now everything that you feel says it’s just not true

So I’ll keep reminding you”

(Only One and Only You. Steven Curtis Chapman)

Sound of Your Voice

“God, You know how much I wish I could just hear You say the words

And answer all the questions everybody’s asking

But until I hear You speak

Will You help me hear the songs You’re singing over all this noise

I will be listening for the sound of Your voice”

(Sound of Your Voice. Steven Curtis Chapman)


“We’ve crawled on our hands and knees

Through valleys cold and dark and deep

Sometimes not even sure if we could make it out alive together

And if it wasn’t for God’s mercy and His grace

There’s no way we would be standing in this place

But because He has been faithful

Every step along the way

Here we are together, together”

(Together. Steven Curtis Chapman)

Feet of Jesus

“So I will lay down my struggles

I will lay down my shame

All the fear I drag around through this life

like a ball and chain

I will sing Hallelujah to the One who sets me free

And you will find me at the feet of Jesus”

(Feet of Jesus. Steven Curtis Chapman)

“At the feet of my Savior

At the feet of my King

I will bow down and worship

I will lift my voice and sing

Hallelujah Hallelujah to the One who sets me free

You will find me at the feet of Jesus”

(Feet of Jesus. Steven Curtis Chapman)

You will find me in the arms of Jesus.

You will find me in the face of Jesus.

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