I Am a Mermaid With Golden Hair. Candice Swanepoel. Aspects of Love. Andrew Lloyd Weber. Michael Ball.

Mermaid Song.

Aspects of Love.

Andrew Lloyd Weber

Michael Ball

Ginny: I am a mermaid with golden hair.

Alex: I’ve never seen one like you.

Ginny: Not all us mermaids have silver tails. I have no tail at all.

Alex: Well I’ve never seen any mermaids with nobly knees. I’d say your tale was a touch too tall. Maybe a touch too tall.

Ginny: Sailors would smash on my jagged rocks. Lured by my siren song.

Alex: It isn’t the song of the siren that tortures men. That’s where your theory goes sadly wrong. That’s where it all goes wrong.

Ginny: I thought you’d know better. You know nothing about mermaids.

Alex: You know nothing about sailors.

Ginny: I do. Much more than you. If you were a sailor and heard my song, would you be lulled by me?

Alex: I wouldn’t be foolish enough to go near your rock. I’d steer my Galleon out to the sea.

Both Together: Lonely and lost at sea.

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