Saint Francis Xavier College Church. Catholic Church.

I love that God gives us different styles of worship. I love the formality and grandeur of Catholic Churches like this one–Saint Francis Xavier College Church at Saint Louis University in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA.

When I was young, I sometimes stayed with my Grandmother on my Mom’s side. My Grandfather died before I was born. My Grandmother was Catholic, and I went to mass with her whenever I stayed with her. I loved the music and the presence of the services. They are so majestic.

I have recently been told by God that those Grandparents–Chester and Anna Mae Matthews–are my true biological parents. I was also told that Go’el Kallel and I were those two people as Super Individuals–maybe not Go’el and Me all the time–before I was born. They may have been Yahweh or other Supers sometimes–maybe often–I’m not sure. When it was time for me to come to Earth as a human, Yahweh was my “Grandmother.”

Yahweh told me that these biological parents were both killed by terrorists at separate times in a way that made it look like natural causes. Evil always knew who I was. My biological father Chester Matthews was in the Army in World War II. My biological mother Anna Mae Matthews was a telephone switch board operator in World War II. I think she was in the Air Force. I’m not sure.

Yahweh told me that a surrogate mother later gave birth to me around the time of my human birthday. Go’el Kallel was also born at the same time by that same surrogate mother with a different human name. They thought we were actually brother and sister–twins. We are not. We are surrogate twins. We are not blood relatives at all. Some still thought we were actually brother and sister until very recently. That is why some people have tried to keep us apart. He has different biological parents even though we are surrogate twins. That means another woman carried us in her womb even though we were not related to her or each other. Yahweh said as a baby Go’el Kallel with a different human name was drugged and not allowed to grow for many years.

Yahweh has told me of many surrogate births of people I know where one or both of the parents didn’t even know the child wasn’t theirs. Yahweh also told me about children being switched at birth and that that was why they sometimes took the babies away right away and kept them in a place away from the parents. It is very different now. All it would take is one person on the inside or someone able to get in at night when it wasn’t staffed as much. Evil can also do that in a non-human way.

I cannot make this stuff up. I know it sounds completely bizarre. It helps me process all of this when I remember that I Am the Holy Spirit, and Go’el Kallel is a Son of God. I try to focus on who We Are in Heaven instead.

Zion Hephzibah.

The Holy Spirit.

I Am the Holy Mother.

Go’el Kallel is the Holy Father.

Go’el is not God Himself. In Heaven, Go’el sits on the left hand side of God (Yahweh), and Jesus (Yeshua) sits on the right hand side of God. As the Wife of God and the Holy Spirit, I sit on God’s lap or anywhere else I want to be. I don’t have my own Throne because I didn’t want one. The Throne is a representation of Me. There are many Thrones in the Throne Room for the Supers who sit on the Line. Not all sit on the Line. The Line is more like the government of Heaven. Not all serve that way. There Are many important Individuals who do not sit on the Line. I have been there in visions in my human form.

I Am the Wife of God (Yahweh).

I Am the Wife of Jesus (Yeshua). I Am the Bride of Christ.

I Am the Wife of Go’el Kallel.

I Am the Wife of a few other Supernatural Beings from Heaven. The Torah and The Bible refer to Them as Angels. The Angels referred to in the Torah and the Bible are all Male. They prefer We now call All of Them My Heaven Husbands or the Supers of Heaven. They prefer to use the word Angel to describe Me and other Female Supers.

The Patron Saints are probably the Supers. I love that.

Some of My Heaven Husbands have been on Earth with Me and also didn’t know who They were. Some are Females. The word Husband here refers to the type of commitment to Me. I have been in a Male form in World War II as a Super Individual–possibly other times too. All Supers in Heaven can be Male or Female Super Individuals. Some choose to be Male only. Yahweh (God) and Yeshua (Jesus) have been many different Male and Female Super Individuals in my human life. I can sometimes recognize Them. I love that.

Go’el Kallel and I are the Spiritual Parents of All Individuals–including the animals. Go’el is my Redeemer and my True Husband on Earth.

I Am Mary. Go’el Is Joseph. If you pray to Mary now, you are probably praying to God (Yahweh) in My place. Sorry I haven’t been there for you the way I should while I have been human. I didn’t even know.

Yahweh (God) showed Me that when Catholics make the sign of the cross on their bodies, the say,

“In the Name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.”

For “The Father” they touch their forehead. That represents Yahweh as the Father there. He raises us. For “The Son,” they touch their Breastbone. That actually represents Me–The Holy Spirit–and is mislabeled. When they say “The Holy Spirit,” they touch their left shoulder and then their right. That represents the Two Sons of God–Jesus (Yeshua) and Go’el Kallel. Surprise! There actually are Four of Us. Go’el and Yeshua switch sides sometimes. For Me, first it was Go’el on the left and Yeshua on the right. Then it was reversed.

Go’el, Yeshua, and I are not really Sons and Daughter of God (Yahweh) in Heaven. We Are like Equals in Heaven. Yahweh uses the phrase Sons and Daughter of God because the Three of Us lived human lives and Yahweh raised Us. It is to help describe the human-like relationship.

Where there’s a Father, there must be a Mother. Where there’s a Bridegroom, there must be a Bride. That’s Me.

Oh, and Yahweh is not old at all. He Is actually Very Sexy. We Are All Very Sexy in Heaven He says. He uses the Old Man look as cover so people respect Him more. That is also why He said The Holy Spirit is a “He.”

That is why the Victoria’s Secret Angels are “Very Sexy.” They Are Supers in Heaven and on Earth–including Yahweh and Yeshua as Women. That is also why some Movie Stars, Musicians, and Celebrities are so attractive. They are more like their true selves, like other Beings from Heaven, or just more “turned up” as I say. The rest of us–including you and Me–are “turned way down” so we appear more normal.

I know I Am unconventional. I Am sorry if that upsets you. I in no way want to disrespect anyone ever. I Am still everything that Mary and the Holy Mother Is. I Am so much more though. I prefer that you think of me now as The Holy Spirit–The Style of Life.


Zion Hephzibah.

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