The Animals. Urban Warfare. War on Terrorism. The Hunger Games.

Photos and videos from Snapchat.

The Supers in Heaven are usually all the animals. Some animals are part of the scenery and are not actual Supers. Most animals are Good. I have learned a lot about Myself, Yahweh, Yeshua, and those around me from animals.

Not all animals have good intent. They can sometimes be used as spies for individuals on Earth and should probably be considered surveillance–not just for Heaven. It is not necessarily the animal’s choice. Will you please not hurt Them? I would love to end animal testing and animal cruelty.

Some individuals can have in the mind awareness of you too or people around you–without your or their knowledge or approval. I just found this out about a year ago. It is also not necessarily reliable intel. I cannot “read” minds. I do not try nor do I have in the mind awareness of others.

Quite a few do have in the mind awareness of Me–including all the Supers in Heaven and Earth–and We can communicate that way sometimes. That means all the Supers are now aware of everything that happens in my mind and body. They are My Guard. Some have had in the mind awareness of Me their entire human lives. Some have recently been added.

There are other individuals with bad intent who have also had in the mind awareness of Me. I have no idea who all has heard what in My Mind. At one point I was considered an Unsecure Network. From what I can tell, I think My Mind is much more secure now. Your mind may also be an insecure network in addition to the beyond surveillance–including satellites outside. From what I can tell, we are all being recorded in audio and video everywhere we go in ways that do not make sense. There may be no cameras there at all. Yahweh told me that it is like they are there.

Yahweh also taught Me there are always multiple sources that do not all see or hear the same thing and are making different attempts. So different attempts from different sources compile on top of each other and have effects that humans would not be able to predict or undo. For example, a government might think they know everything crucial in their country, but individuals who are not even in that country could have made attempts to have cameras and recording devices in ways that don’t make sense that are not really there but function like they are.

I don’t think we as humans can fix that. It doesn’t make sense. That is evil. Yahweh said this is Urban Warfare and The War on Terrorism. Only God can fix this mess. He may have us each do a part.

God has recently made me aware of some security breaches that can be eliminated to help make things more secure. It has worked for Me as far as I can tell. Will you please check with God Himself or Jesus–Yahweh or Yeshua–before you choose what to do or throw anything away? Yahweh can also make things right in ways that don’t make sense. The important thing is not to panic or freak out but stop, think, and talk to God about it.

Here is what God has shown me:

I have had a lot of identity theft and password terrorism on my iPhone, iPad Pro, and MacBook—including two log ins instead of one and disconnection of my fingerprint log in on my MacBook. I was severely electronically shocked through all three devices—even from across the room—and from the outlets in my apartment. I purchased them last year with my Black Card and paid off that bill in full. I got rid of all three, and it made me more sad then I can ever say. It was also a relief because I knew they had been badly attacked, and I wanted them and me to be as free from terrorism as possible. I now have a new iPhone. I do not have an iPad or personal computer at all.

Websites on my iPhone, iPad Pro, and MacBook were rerouted to different sites. I suspect I even had a false Instagram. Even my own photos and videos I took on the camera roll were altered in a way that does not make sense in a normal situation. I suspect even Google Chrome websites were rerouted to false ones. I feel like there are people watching me, listening to me, and aware of me and my thoughts in general everywhere I go and especially on my phone at all times. Some with good intent. Some with bad intent.

I have also had problems in the past on other computers and devices. I have had the most success with Apple products, and I love how versatile and creative they are. I do not think it is Apple’s fault at all. It is evil. It is terrorism.

I have received several text messages and emails in the last few months from people claiming to be people I know and I know it isn’t them. Maybe I’m wrong. I don’t think that I am wrong.

A few months ago I even got a voicemail from someone claiming to be someone I know. It wasn’t his voice. It was very similar but it wasn’t him. Whoever it was seemed to be calling from his number. He even had mannerisms that were the same. I know it wasn’t him. That scared me that someone would imitate him like that. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it was him. I didn’t return the call. I didn’t tell him because it didn’t feel safe. I’m saying it this way instead.

Last year I purchased some electronic devices for my apartment and used them for a while. I got rid of them because God told me that the technology and electronics used them were being used by multiple sources to hurt me physically or create a breach in data security.

This includes:

Chargers, multi plugs, ground lift adapters, DVD players, TV’s, speakers, phones, computers, toasters, WiFi, hairdryers, curling irons, curling wands, straight irons, irons, ironing boards, drying wracks, washing machines, dryers, ovens, refrigerators, sinks, food, water, drinks, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, essential oils, toiletries, toilet paper, tissues, feminine products, towels, bedding, lamps, lights, HVAC, vehicles, furniture, tables, door handles, artwork, carpet, rugs, bags, coats, clothing, shoes, etc. In other words—almost everything.

I realized this week that we take our shoes off at the airport in the USA likely because there are things in the shoes that shouldn’t be there. I do not think the brands who make the products even know. The TSA, US government, other governments, and United Nations likely do not even know.

I may be wrong. I hope I am. I don’t think that I am wrong. I decided to try it out, and remove as many electronics and unnecessary pieces as possible to see. I still have and use my new iPhone. I still bathe in the water and wash my hands. I still eat as clean food, water, and drinks as I am able to afford and as God directs.

I have thrown a lot away—God has especially had me throw away bedding and clothing that have trauma associated with them. Some was extremely difficult. It was freeing once it was over. I talk with God and Jesus about it regularly. We don’t always do it the same way. I do still have my TV, but it is unplugged and the cords are removed put away in the closet. I think the cords completely disconnect for a reason. They did not used to do that. I hope I am able to watch my favorite TV shows and movies soon. I miss them and My Favorites more than I can say.

God and the Supers in Heaven have told me that the terrorism on my food, water, and drinks includes unwanted illegal pharmaceuticals and semen in the food, water, and drinks. That is beyond disturbing to me. I honestly do not believe the semen is actually in there. I think very real individuals have made attempts to put semen in food, water, and drinks and think it is really there. I do not think it is. I think God may have effects on our bodies like things are there, but I don’t think they always are. In summary, we are exposed to a lot of intentionally toxic situations regularly without our knowledge. God protects us from most of that, and I am thankful.

I have been told and shown in visions that there are tunnels and multi level basements underneath some of our roads, buildings, and private dwellings that people do not even know are there. Even those who know they are there do not know about all of them and do not know how many levels down they go. There were supposedly elevators or lifts that could come up through any part of the floor or any part of the ceiling where terrorists could do replacements or resets of stuff in my apartment all at once. These elevators do not make sense and do not actually exist. They did function like they did though. I saw with my own eyes a stranger—a man—standing on one hanging from the ceiling in my hallway filming me more than once while I was in my bed at night. In a vision I destroyed the evil tunnels and basements in my area, and God told me it actually did happen. Some have been rebuilt.

There also could be GPS in our vehicles from multiple sources tracking everywhere we go. God has told me that even people I know in everyday life have access to this information. That alone is extremely dangerous because people I don’t know know where I am always. God said that is much better now and not as much of an issue. He can mess it up to protect us. He can mess up the timing top of when it is received.

I have been told by God that I live in a set—not the real place I thought I lived in. God said I have lived in over 20 different sets ordered by humans—some with good intent—some with evil intent—in the last year alone. Even one set would cost so much money and take so much time to complete. The trees alone would be so beyond. The sets don’t make sense. And yet it is as if they are there. They have all been different. Only God can do that.

I have been killed many times in the past year alone. God keeps resurrecting me. I honestly wish He wouldn’t. I don’t like to be tortured. I don’t like to die. I would rather be in Heaven with Him. When I say that, people ask if I’m going to kill myself. No. I could not and would not do that. I don’t want to either.

I have been virtually raped by individuals and individuals with machines like drills almost continually since Thanksgiving 2017–almost 10 months. It has at times been nonstop day and night for months. It is the worst thing I’ve experienced. It never should have happened or been allowed. It is part of the War on Terrorism.

I’m done. I am so tired of it. It has been much better the past few weeks, and I try to live as normal life as possible. I actually have been happier in the last few months than I have ever been. I feel so free.

I hope you know I am not trying to scare anyone. I am trying to educate people so they can make their own choices under the circumstances.

Yahweh recently told me that all our food and drinks are actually Vegan–meaning not from actual animals at all. That means none of have ever actually eaten part of an animal even though it may have seemed like it. Yahweh changes it. Meat is “other” according to Yahweh. I love that. It’s all made up anyway He says. That’s what Creation actually is I realized–God making it all up.

When I realized Yahweh and Yeshua are most animals, I was upset about things from the past. They told me to not worry about it. They said it is a way for Them to connect with Us.

Some individuals prefer to be animals outside of Earth and have places where they can be that. Which animals do you identify with most?

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