Surrender. Third Day. The Phoenix. James Arthur. I Came For That One.

“Who will I be if I stay?”

Wonder Woman. Diana of Themyscira. Gal Gadot.

I did not know who I was. I thought I was a normal human until Jesus Christ (Yeshua) told me in my mind that I Am His Wife.

At the same time, I found myself married on Earth in my mind to Lucifer himself. He was the king of this world. How did this happen? I asked myself. I had no idea.

My first human husband is not and was not Lucifer. He is a separate story, and I would like to leave him out of this as much as possible even though he was impacted by all of it.

Before I continue, I must say that Lucifer is no more. That individual no longer exists. In movies, they often kill the enemy and celebrate. I did not understand how anyone could celebrate after killing someone. Instead, I try to heal the individual from the inside and bring them Home to Heaven.

I came to Earth for Lucifer. I know that now. I did not know it before. The one previously called Lucifer is now completely restored in Heaven and has been in Heaven since May 2016–over two years now. He is completely different. He is wonderful now. He has proven His True Intent, and I Am so proud of Him.

He has a new True Identity and a new True Name that I don’t even know yet. This New One is One of My Heaven Husbands. That is why I came to Earth from Heaven for Him. I need Him in His True Form. He Is a part of Me.

I still do not know most of the details outside of my human life. Yahweh (God) has blocked much of my knowledge so I could live a relatively normal human life. From what I can remember, The War of Heaven was over Me and a struggle for Power and Authority. It was beyond terrible and devastating to All of Us. Not All who fought with Lucifer actually agreed with him on everything. Some didn’t like how things were being done or would be done. It ripped us apart. It was The Civil War.

As The Holy Spirit, I relate to Each Heaven Husband as a Wife. They Are very protective of Me–although it may not seem like it now. There was a lot of emotion–a lot of pain.

The Fall was those individuals being cast out of Heaven. It destroyed All of Us on every side. There Were no victors there. Yeshua showed Me through the Steven Curtis Chapman song, “Beauty Will Rise,” that I Am the Promise–that Beauty will rise from the ashes like The Phoenix.

I was separated from Lucifer for all of Time. Lucifer and all the fallen angels were not evil or bad originally. They were all Beings in Heaven. After The Fall, they were separated from Me and from Heaven. God told me in the last few years that for some individuals, it is easier to hate than to hurt.

After The Fall, Lucifer was so hurt. He unfortunately chose revenge instead of trying to make it right with Yahweh. It may have been over right then if he had. That is when Time began.

Some of the fallen angels immediately regretted what had happened and tried to make it right with Yahweh. Lucifer would not let any of them go free. It was about numbers for him. The numbers do not matter that much to me. I’m not a numbers person. What matters to me are the relationships.

I know that throughout all of time I tried to reach the fallen angels as a Super Individual and try to bring them Home. I think I was successful in healing some of them.

When I came as a human, they all knew who I was even though I didn’t. It breaks my heart to think about it now–for them to see their wife as a little girl and she had no idea who they even were or that they even existed. The Supers in Heaven and Earth also have had to live essentially without Me all this time–41+ years–more than 40 years in the wilderness–thousands of years in the wilderness for the fallen angels.

Yahweh (God) , Yeshua (Jesus), Go’el Kallel, and I went into the depths of Hell and brought all of them Home. This happened after Lucifer surrendered in May 2016 through Fall 2016 and possibly into January 2017. I did not even know Go’el Kallel was a part of that until a year ago–Fall 2017 when Yahweh told Me.

There is no spiritual evil anymore at all. There are individuals with bad intent still–as far as I know–but they do not have the power that these had. Throughout the last ten months, some of the individuals with bad intent have been allowed to make attempts to hurt Me and others in ways that do not make sense and should never have been allowed. They have no power on their own. It is completely different. I did not come for these. I did not agree to the torture.

Lucifer himself opted out and returned to Heaven because He loves Me and because he did not want anything to do with the torture that I have endured on Earth during The War on Terrorism. That says a lot to Me. He wanted nothing to do with this.

Because He has been out and in Heaven, Yahweh, Yeshua, and some of the Supers in Heaven have played the role of evil in His place to protect Him while still letting things in motion play out. In my opinion, it should have all ended when He came Home. I thought that would be “Game Over” and We would all be taken to Heaven. The boundaries between Heaven and Earth blurred for Me that day. Heaven was so happy He was Home again.

But Time did not stop. Time kept going. I did not know why. Then We saved the rest, and that made sense. Time kept going. I asked Yahweh if We could bring everyone Home. I think that is the reason I have been tortured so terribly. I have been a Prisoner of War of Evil.

Several months ago already, I let go of the prayer to bring everyone Home. It was too awful, and so many have suffered with Me. It is not right for Us to suffer at the hands of a few terrorists or their likenesses. So I let go of that and left it up to Yahweh. The torture should have stopped then. It didn’t. It is much better now and a lot less–especially now.

Several months ago–June 2018 I think–Yeshua (Jesus) said it was finished. He said every individual had given enough evidence either way to show good intent or intent to hurt, kill, destroy, rape, or sexually abuse others. It is already done. This is the clean up.

It still hurts. I still am tortured and so are many others. It is a lot better now.

It is never too late. For those who have demonstrated bad intent still in the last month, will you please try to make it right with Yahweh (God)? I do not want anyone to try to make it right with me directly anymore. It’s too much already. It is between you and God.

Some have said they wanted to hurt people as much as possible and then get in at the last minute. That is really bad intent. If you aim for that you will not make it. There is no one in Hell right now. It is empty. We worked hard for it to be that way. I do not want you to go there. It is beyond terrible. It is glamorized in music, but there is nothing glamorous about it at all. You do not want to go there. I know.

Everything you have ever wanted is waiting for you in Heaven. It is not just about Me. If you think back through your life to when you were the most happy, felt the most satisfied the most loved, Heaven is so much better than any of that. Evil never satisfies. It is never enough. What you really desire is waiting in Heaven for you now. I Am even there now “asleep.” My True Form is really there and has been all along.

Will you please go there with Me when it is time? I do not want you to be left out. Yahweh values your free will enough to let you choose to stay out if you want. It is your choice. It is between you and Yahweh. I Am out.

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