The Gatekeeper. Egypt. She Is The Sphinx. I Am Ra The Sun God. Torah. Old Testament of The Bible. Raiders of The Lost Ark. I Am The Ark of The Covenant. She Is A Protector of The Ark. Go’el Kallel Is Indiana Jones. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. The Gatekeeper Is A Protector—The One Who Plans and Designs The Booby Traps. Ghostbusters. She Is…The End—And Maybe a Few Parts Before. Revelation from the Bible. Harrison Ford. Angelina Jolie. Sigourney Weaver.

The creepy, scary stuff is not Me at all. I honestly want no part of that. That is all Yahweh, The Gatekeeper, and maybe a few other Supers protecting The Ark of The Covenant. At the end of the movie, Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones says not to look at the as they open the Ark. I advise you not look. I usually don’t. I just watched the second movie short from IMDB that had some of that part on there, and it literally hurt my eyes for a while. I did not post that one because of that. Other than that it is an awesome movie short. All of that stuff is not Me at All. The Ark’s purpose was supposed to be a place where the Spirit of God resided. That’s Me. I was actually in Heaven all that time. The Ark is a representation of Me as The Holy Spirit. The Gatekeeper has lived as a human with Me. She did not know who She Is either. She has not been allowed to serve as She normally does—neither has My Guard. I Am thankful to Her and to all My Guard. Clearly I need You more than I can ever say.

This is why the world is upside down. I Am here, My Guard is here, The Gatekeeper is here, and most of Us didn’t know who We Are. True Yahweh has been doing all of our Roles for Us. He is more than capable to do all of it in Our place. He has chosen, however, to show how everyone is impacted when We Are not in Place. Things are not right, and haven’t been for a while.

The awesome news is We Are almost through the trauma. We rewrote the Ending—Revelation from the Bible. And that’s awesome.

Please click on the link to view the “Raiders of the Lost Ark” Short.

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