Snapchat Please Help! My Snapchat Is Being Hacked. Cyber Terrorism. Photos. iPhone. Look-alikes.

Some of my photos on Snapchat look similar to Individuals I love with good intent. I love that that happens sometimes. I have posted quite a few of these on my blog A lot of my other photos are being stolen somehow and taken over by other individuals. Sometimes the photos even change after they are taken. Sometimes if I wait to post the photos they are made right again. This has been happening a lot with different individuals. Some of them I know. Some I don’t.

God told me there is another app–not Snapchat–that these people are using to watch me live on Snapchat–without my knowledge or approval and against my will–and mimic the same photos and insert their likenesses onto mine. Like I said, some I like. Some I even talk with God about because I know He wants me to include them in a story. Some are disturbing. These photos are the ones who have been altered the most so far.

These photos remind me off the top of my head of three individuals I went to grade school with at Columbus School in Edwardsville, Illinois. I do not know if they have bad intent or not. It may not even be them doing it. If not, I want them to know too. I know for sure there are look-alikes out there. I am 41–born in 1977. They are supposedly the same age as me. These three have all been friends of mine. These photos feel very not right to me. Disturbing.

If you cannot distinguish the good intent Individuals from the not good intent Individuals, will you please try to stop all of it? God told me He can blend our faces in a good way if He wants. If nothing else, I’d like to be able to turn it off. I don’t want these people watching me live when I’m not even filming.

Please help.

I already sent these to Snapchat directly. I don’t know if you got them at all because of the cyber terrorism on my iPhone. I know you may not be able to do anything about it if it is external terrorism. Maybe some others can.

Thank you Snapchat. You are more awesome than I can ever say, and I want to help make it right for you and me if I can.

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