When Your Microphone is Off and You Forgot But You Still Find The Videos Interesting Enough To Publish. Unmute. Microphone On. Volume Up. Hello World. Some Videos From Before That I Didn’t Publish Yet. Setting Snapchat Free From Terrorism. Setting Apps Free From Terrorism. Setting Apple Free From Terrorism.

Snapchat. iPhone. Apple. App Settings. Settings. Location Services. The War on Terrorism is Over According to God and Jesus.

Videos are now loaded!! Thank you so much!!

You may want to check your microphone, location services, and settings for all the apps. I have been told that the Brands have not been allowed to control their own situations and things have been done in their names that they didn’t do. That may include complete GPS location services, microphone access, and video camera access even when the phone is off or dead. In my opinion, this should not be blamed on any government doing these things even if some monitoring may have started out that way or been done in those names. These are individual cyber terrorists who have done things behind the scenes that they should not do. It isn’t the United States government. I want everyone to know that. This has been a problem all over the world. Brands, The United States Government, The United States Military, and The United Nations have supported me so much throughout all of this. I Am forever thankful.

Taking screenshots like the ones below may help Brands prove that they are not responsible for some data collected from phones. To take a screenshot on an iPhone, press the Power Button on the right and the Home Button on the bottom at the same time.

Will you please each ask God what He thinks is best for you? He can and has blocked intel that would have been recorded this way. I still choose to use my iPhone and trust God to make it right in the end. He also tells me sometimes when I shouldn’t do certain things or when I should wait. He has probably done the same for you–maybe without you even knowing it. He is The Best Intel there is.

I Am so happy that the Brands, Governments, World Leaders, and Senior Officials are finally able to speak up about how they have been terrorized so we can finish the clean up and move on.

To stop “using” apps when you are finished, double tap the button on the bottom and swipe up on each.

To delete apps from your iPhone, press your finger on one until they all start to wiggle. The click on the X’s to delete them. You can also move them around and change pages this way. I think the apps are still saved on your iTunes even if you delete them off your iPhone. I haven’t figured out how to remove them completely yet. I hope that helps you!

I ❤️ Snapchat and iPhone.

Video uploads that keep getting deleted:


Setting WordPress Free From Terrorism.

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