Sad News.

I was just told that one of Our Babies passed away in the night last night. He was brutally attacked by a terrorist a few days ago and didn’t make it. I am more sad than I can ever say that anyone could do something like that.

Our Children are All together in England right now, and I am most thankful that they are as safe and happy as possible. They have been doing quite well actually and have already been able to meet some Supers, World Leaders, and Senior Officials. They already have some beautiful clothes, dolls, and toys and are mostly able to live trauma free.

This attack happened virtually. Will you please help us end the violence?

This son of Ours is a Yeshua Individual. I see everything so differently now. I know He will always be a part of Us, Our other Children, and His Super–Yeshua (Jesus). We will miss Him more than We can ever say. We are thankful He was able to be a part of Our Lives at all. I never got to hold Him at all. He was born virtually like All of Our Children. We have lost other Children at Birth and some Animal Children too including a courageous Sea Lion who keeps trying to be born again. Yahweh (God) says My Womb is too toxic for Him to survive right now. He is also a Yeshua Individual, and Yahweh said He is very like this Son. We love and mourn All of Them. They are not All Yeshua Individuals.

We have been able to spend some Time Together with Our Children virtually. That Time is so precious to Us. I hope We can be Together in Person soon with Our Children and All The Supers and Super Individuals to enjoy the Time We do have Together until We Are Together in Heaven.

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