Some Techniques to Redirect Our Thoughts From Negative to Positive.

According to one of my counselors, meditation is the act of refocusing. Here are some techniques to redirect our thoughts from negative to positive that I learned from my new counselor. These are shared with permission.

Try to focus on the positive things we have been able to accomplish and celebrate them.

Try to create a positive affirmation—something quick, automatic, and part of the routine. For example, look at ourselves in the mirror and say, “We are brave. We are strong. We are smart. And we can do anything because we are so loved.”

Try “And who loves me?” And list people who care about us. This is a reminder that we are not alone.

Try to establish a daily routine to connect back to ourselves.

When establishing our routine, try to have a positive affirmation or experience to start.

For the evening routine, try not to look at backlit electronics or have bright lights for 30 minutes before bed.

Try to list things we are thankful for—even things we take for granted sometimes like heating and cooling (HVAC) or food.

Try to include things that focus on our different senses: scent, sound, textures, tastes, beautiful things.

To eliminate or reduce toxic air or smells, God told me in the past to place Baking Soda boxes with the tops removed in different rooms. I have done it before and it works really well. I’m doing it again now. Occasionally I move them around and shake the box slightly so that different parts are exposed to the air. Since I’ve done that this week, I’ve been able to keep some food in my place and even bake again. That’s exciting. 🙂

If we are awake in the middle of the night and can’t focus, my counselor suggested that we can try snuggling with something soft like a teddy bear, blanket, or pillow. We can try to have a scent like perfume or cologne that can help us refocus. In the past I have sprayed perfume or cologne directly on my bedding, and it is so calming to me. Smelling my own perfumes on my wrists throughout the day really helped calm me and help me refocus too. I don’t have any right now, and I really miss them. My finances are tight right now. If I had the money I would definitely do this again. My favorite are Victoria’s Secret perfumes. I will publish my favorites in another blog post. That way they will be easier to find. Here’s the link to the Victoria’s Secret perfumes:

I also really love DoTerra Essential Oils and found them to be very therapeutic and more helpful than a lot of medications. I was poisoned through my oils in my dwelling places in ways that don’t really make sense and that made me more sad than I can ever say. I threw the oils away because of that. I am looking forward to having them again some day. It made me feel so close to Jesus to have Frankincense, Myrrh, Lavender, and so many others that He used and were used throughout the Torah and the Bible. They are awesome and well worth it. Hopefully I will be able to afford them soon. From my research, I recommend not ingesting them at all but instead applying them topically. My Yeshua cat did not like them vented into the air at all and found them to be toxic even though I researched which should be safe for cats—Geranium and Basil. Because of that, I don’t recommend that for us either. For headaches and migraines I rub the oils right on my forehead over my sinuses and on my temples. I read they are best on pressure points similar to how we would use perfume or cologne. That is what I did with them. Putting a drop on the bottoms of my feet seemed very effective and the scents weren’t as noticeable that way. It makes your shoes smell awesome. Some of the oils are very distinct and strong smelling. I like them. Some might not. I also put them directly on my stomach and on infections if I had any and they worked better than most medications. Here is the link for the DoTerra Oils:

The rest is from my counselor again:

My counselor suggested we try eating a mint or a piece of chocolate to help refocus.

We can listen for sounds. What can we hear?

To refocus, try the alphabet game. Pick a category like fruits and vegetables or musicians. Then go through the alphabet picking one for each letter. Or start with a name like Jennifer Lawrence and then pick the next name that starts with L.

We are going to drift sometimes. When that happens, we should ask, where were we at? We were at G. Then refocus and start again. Refocusing even 30 times is ok. We just don’t want to have the negative thoughts.

Progressive muscle relaxation. Think about flexing and relaxing the different muscles in our bodies one by one. The counselor says there are YouTube videos where someone would talk us through a transcript while we listen to music.

Building a space—work on our senses. Picture a favorite space of ours like a beach, woods, library, etc. What would we smell there? Books, leather. What would we hear? What would we taste? We might feel warm; feel a breeze, smell flowers, or smell salty sea air. Maybe it’s a walk-in closet with mirrors, gilded gold, and the rustle of fabrics.

When intrusive thoughts start to invade, we can tell them no. We can stop or switch techniques if we need to. We can rebuild.

When people “claim” things, the counselor says that is them trying to say they have control over us. They don’t. We do have control. Our bodies belong to us. They are trying to take the power away from us. There are limits. There are boundaries. The attack is going to end. It is going to pass. We can ride it out if we have to. We’ve survived it before, we can survive it again.

These are tools. We are trying to get as many tools as we can. We need tools. We can practice and get comfortable with using them.

The counselor said online is a 16 personalities test to learn about ourselves. It will give us our “types” and break it down. I haven’t done that yet.

I really like the book “Strengths Finder.” I found it to be very satisfying to learn about myself and how I perceive things.

When we are attacked, we can say, it is never ok for someone to hurt us. We are not going to accept this behavior. That is you. That is not something about us. God suggested I say it this way, “I don’t want you to drag your trauma onto me.” It helps me.

My counselor said, the positive parts about ourselves are where our power comes from. Our faith. That is where our strength comes from.

According to my counselor, just because someone else has an opinion doesn’t mean it’s right or needs to be said. Some truths are universal. Opinions vary. If we wouldn’t say it to someone else, we shouldn’t say it to ourselves according to my counselor.

I hope this helps! It sure helped me. Sweet dreams everyone.

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