The beautiful Mandy Moore in Dragon Inspired metallics looking very like One of My Favorite Supers Erik.

The fabulous Lauren Conrad in fun red cat eye sunnies and a navy dress with red polka dots.

Lauren Conrad looking very Yahweh Inspired in a golden fall hue. I love your hair here.

I got to bake some food this week. The stove top is still questionable so I tried baking instead. It worked pretty good.

Some great ideas from redbook October 2018:

Illustrate our to-do list. I love that. Instead of writing the word down, we draw the object instead.

Listen to music when we get ready. It can boost concentration and lower cortisol levels–a stress hormone.

Get in touch with our senses. The parts of our brain that help us process input from our senses may also play a role in storing memories.

Take a different route. When we do something unfamiliar our brains fire off neurotransmitters that improve communication between their different regions.

In the evening, we can play a board game or read a book (or magazine).

Thanks, redbook. These are really helpful, and I love the photos throughout. Reading this magazine makes me happy.

A pear. I love fresh pears.

Rice cereal and bananas.

I love to hear anything from my favorites–even if it is just hello. We don’t have to be amazing all the time. We can just be Us.

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