Jurassic World. Eragon. Dragons. Chris Pratt. Go’el Kallel. Keith Urban. Yahweh. Supers. Super-Individuals. Animals. Magical Creatures. In The Mind Awareness. Differential Geometry. Pringles. Parallel Universes. Dinosaurs Are Dragons Without Wings. Mystique. Jennifer Lawrence. Michael Fassbender. X-Men: First Class. Adriana Lima. Maleficent. Sleeping Beauty. Angelina Jolie. Star Trek: The Next Generation Encounter at Farpoint. Farpoint Station. Zoos. Will You Please Help Me End Torture, Bullying, And Cruelty of All Beings?

Yahweh as a velociraptor.

Most Dragons and Dinosaurs Are Good. I say we stop focusing on terrorists and showcase the Good Intent Dragons instead. Dragons are even in The Bible.

Dragons with bad intent lose their Dragon Status. Then they become something else. Some human Individuals have identified as Dragons—some Good Intent—some bad intent.

I Am a Good Dragon. I Am in Dragon form in some visions and virtually. Go’el and I I have also been Good T-Rexes virtually. It’s fun actually. Our arms are too short to hug though and our heads are so big it makes hugging difficult. According to Wikipedia, Rex means King in Latin. I like that. I do not know right now whether Go’el and I have been Dragons or Dinosaurs outside of Earth.

I am sometimes able to communicate with the Dragons through In The Mind Awareness. Some Dragons have reported having Dinosaur forms, human forms, and cat forms. Some prefer being Dragons. Some prefer human forms.

The Dinosaurs in Jurassic Park and Jurassic World are real. That’s why they look so real. Those places exist. Not just anyone can get there. I have not been there in this Body.

Earth is not spherical. There are lots of places like covering spaces from Differential Geometry—my field in Mathematics that may be above or below. Imagine Pringles.


Google. Google Chrome.



Imagine places that look the same but aren’t. Star Trek calls them Parallel Universes. Yahweh has also described them as different sets. Basically Yahweh just makes up whatever He wants.

In Jurassic World, Chris Pratt’s character Owen has a relationship with some of the Dinosaurs. We see extreme animal cruelty—not from him—in that movie even though it may not seem like cruelty. In one scene the Raptors have their necks completely caged. It’s terrible. I can’t even imagine being held like that and not being able to lay down. This has been done with cattle and other animals too. Will you please help me stop animal cruelty and abuse?

These Dinosaurs are My Heaven Husbands—Some of The Supers From Heaven—as representations of Themselves and of Other Individuals—some with Good Intent and some with bad intent. The T-Rex in Jurassic World is Yahweh.

In the movie, some of the Dinosaurs are kept isolated from each other. There is a special new female T-Rex Inspired Dinosaur who is in a very small cage relative to her size. They do not feed her enough. Spoiler Alert—there is an actual T-Rex too. I saw Me and Go’el—caged and separated from each other with not enough to eat. That isn’t what ended up happening. They ended up fighting and destroying each other. I wish they instead could have been happy Together enjoying each other’s company very similar to the Jellyfish like Beings in Star Trek: The Next Generation’s first two episodes “Encounter at Farpoint” or “Farpoint Station” as I call it. I wrote about that episode in the last post.

Some of the Dinosaurs feel threatened and attacked. It shows. They don’t trust the people. I have been told by Yahweh and Chris Pratt that the bad intent Dinosaurs have been removed from the situation and only Good Intent Dinosaurs remain on those islands. I have communicated with some of them directly. I asked Yahweh and they have all been given Dragon status—They have all been given their wings. They are very thankful.

Their bodies were so abused. Many are a representation of Me or Go’el. Their bodies were bloated. The T-Rex’s front arms are too short and too small and weak. Many had claws that were not retractable. Many were so big or had horns or tusks that were so big they could hardly move. Some had heads too big like the T-Rex. Some had heads that were too small. As far as I know, Yahweh has made Them as right as possible and given Them their wings.

At first We went with removable wings for easy care and storage. The Dragons reported to Me recently that They preferred permanent wings so the wings would not be stolen. Angelina Jolie as Maleficent shows how terrible this is.

The Dragons said the wings can become invisible so they can still play the role of Dinosaurs if they wish.

Some would still like to be that for us. Some would rather not be disturbed. Their location is not attainable for their own protection so humans don’t attack them. Will you please not ever try to attack them? They are very peaceful now. Some may play mean roles in movies but they are all good because the terrorists have been removed.

Some Dinosaurs preferred to be in human forms instead and they were released from those situations and made to be Super Individuals instead. I imagine being in a Dinosaur body when you feel like a man would be extremely frustrating.

I have asked Yahweh for better dwelling spaces for the Dragons, Magical Creatures, and for all Animals. They Are all Super Individuals. Go’el and I are the Parents of all the Dragons and Animals. These are different relationships than Our actual Children.

I have asked Yahweh that Each Animal, Dragon, or Magical Creature have bathrooms with toilets and bathing tubs or pools designed so that they can flush them or fill them themselves if they want them. This reduces reliance on humans, significantly reduces toxic waste, and helps them feel important, valued, and empowered to care for themselves. They have been able to order food, water, and drinks of different types with their own money directly from Yahweh Himself. I love that.

Some requested beautiful bedding or specially made clothes. I love that too. You may not be able to see it. They may have to “cover.” My hope is that we can completely reimagine zoos and Jurassic World to showcase Animals and Dragons instead of making Them feel caged.

I do not want anyone to feel guilty about what we have done before. Will you please not feel guilty as much as possible and give it to Yahweh? We did not know. I myself will do things very differently now.

Before money, time, space, and care givers were the restraints. Now Yahweh wants to do new amazing things that only He and the other Supers can do. Yahweh said there will be fewer Animals in general. Some want to be showcased in zoos for us still. When you go to the zoo, they will be there. When the zoo is closed, they might still be there or they might just not be at all at that time. If you check surveillance you will probably see them. That doesn’t mean they are actually there. This also is true for some Super Individuals in human forms. Some are very like you and me—living a normal human life without special abilities. Different Ones do not always exist and can do very magical or terrible things. You may have experienced some of these things yourself in the last year. The thing to remember is all Supers are Good even if they play bad or evil roles sometimes.

Will you please not harm Super Individuals just because they are Super Individuals? Whatever form they are in? Will you please stop the violence? This is what X-Men: First Class is all about. When innocent people or Individuals are attacked, they are free to react in self defense. Will you please not attack anyone? Ever?

Some Dragons and Animals would love to share their new dwelling spaces with guests. They would love to show you how they do laundry and communicate with in the mind communication about why they made the choices they have made. I love this. I am very excited about it.

It may never be safe for us to actually be with the Dragons in general—for Their protection. This may be done only through movies or documentaries. Some Individuals feel the need to attack things they don’t understand or can’t control or that are a little different. I hate that. Will you please help me end the violence?

Jennifer Lawrence’s character Mystique from X-Men first class is a Dragon without Her Wings. She just doesn’t know it. Mystique is a shape-shifter. Blue Ain’t Her Color. Keith Urban. Mystique should be Emerald. That’s part of why she doesn’t feel right and doesn’t feel like she fits in.

Seeing Mystique as a Dragon and as an Individual explains a lot. I do not ever want her to end up like the Mystique in the original X-Men series. That is what happens when individuals are pushed too far and tortured too much. Even Good Individuals can break when they are tortured. Michael Fassbender’s character Erik discusses and shows this so poignantly. That story also ties in with the horror of the concentration camps of World War II.

No one should ever be tortured. Ever. Will you please help Me end the torture of all Individuals and Super Individuals? This includes physical, sexual, spiritual, mental, verbal, emotional torture and bullying. There is no more spiritual evil. The War on Terrorism is over. All that remains are some individuals with bad intent and no actual power. Will you please help me end bullying forever?

If we can do that, then we can enjoy things we have never experienced before like the Dragons. Some of you may even be given Dragon status. Some of you may really prefer to be a Dragon, an Animal, or a Magical Creature and you don’t even know it. Some of you who have not felt right your whole lives can be made right. You might not be in your true form or you might be missing the presence of someone you love. Maybe even Me. Maybe Yahweh. Maybe Yeshua. Maybe another Super or some best friend. Everything you ever wanted is ready for you in Heaven. Will you please ask Yahweh to help you get through the trauma? We cannot do it on our own. I want us to feel happy and satisfied like we never have before.

When Jesus (Yeshua) came to Earth, everything changed. I Am Here now with My Guard and We Know who We Are now. Many of You know who You Are or Are in the process of figuring that out. Everything is changed now. We will never be the same.

It’s Time For Yahweh to make it Right.

Past Time.

We Are Ready.

Yahweh as the velociraptor and as Tony the Tiger. Kellogg’s Family Size Frosted Flakes from Dollar General. Corn Flakes.

Silk Unsweetened Cashew Milk. Dairy Free. From a local grocery store.

Yellow bowls. Dollar General.

Blush chair. Target. Gold Bistro Table. CB2. Go’el Kallel. Yahweh.

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