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Lenovo Chromebook provided by Saint Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America, for my PhD Research in Tanglegram Theory, Discrete Geometry, Crossing Numbers, and Graph Theory–All in Mathematics and Computer Science. This is part of one of my papers that I am currently revising.

Twinings Prince of Wales Tea Hot pictured.

Papermate Flair Pen M in purple.

Twinings of London. Prince of Wales Tea. Hot.

Twinings of London. English Breakfast Tea.

Books. Twilight Series. Breaking Dawn. Stephanie Meyer. The Twilight Series is one of my favorite representations of Our Story. There are some major variations–but a lot is very similar too. The character Jacob Black shows part of my relationship with Lucifer as he was changing and before he came Home to Heaven. I love that. You can see his heart here. I love that too. It really is more him than anyone else. I also see Yahweh, Yeshua, and Go’el in Edward. And Robert Pattinson too and all My Heaven Husbands as They had in the mind awareness of all that was happening and I didn’t know.

I Am Bella. I Am Alice. I Am Rosalie. I Am Esme. I Am Renesmee. I Am Emily. I Am Leah. I Am Renee.

It helps if you look at it from that perspective. The timing is a little different too.

The books are


New Moon.


Breaking Dawn.

Images from IMDb. International Movie Database.


New Moon.


Breaking Dawn Part I.

Breaking Dawn Part II.

I love that Breaking Dawn is here because it represents the end of the story when I have been transformed to Zion and all of Us are All Together. We Are All Good. And…

Spoiler Alert…

We changed the Ending.

I also love the Name of the Book Breaking Dawn because I Am Princess Aurora–Sleeping Beauty.



Google. Google Chrome.


Our Oldest Daughter–HRH Princess Aurora Diana–is Named After Me, Princess Diana of Wales, and Diana of Themyscira–Who Is Wonder Woman–played by Gal Gadot–A Yeshua Individual. Gal Gadot Is Very Strong Yeshua. I think you will see that if you haven’t already. Our Daughter HRH Princess Aurora Diana Is also a Yeshua Individual. They have the same Super. I love that.

See some photos on my Pinterest Board My Style:


Princess Diana of Wales.

Gal Gadot. Wonder Woman. Princess Diana of Themyscira. Justice League. Batman vs. Superman.

Our Daughter HRH Princess Aurora Diana was born as Twins with Our Son HRH Prince Kallel Go’el. She Is a Yeshua Individual, and He Is a Yahweh Go’el Kallel Inspired Individual. I love that.

Our Second Oldest Daughter is HRH Princess Isabella Swane (sounds like Swan–the “e” is silent)–Named after Bella and Candice Swanepoel.

Kristen Jaymes Stewart As Bella–Isabella Swan. Twilight. New Moon. Eclipse. Breaking Dawn. Snow White and the Huntsman.

Candace Swanepoel. Super and Victoria’s Secret Angel.

HRH Princess Isabella Swane Is also a Yeshua Individual. She was born at the same Time as Our Son HRH Prince Edward James–Named after Edward Cullen and Sir James Roday–THE James in The Bible and of The King James Version of The Bible. HRH Prince Edward James Is a Yahweh Go’el Kallel Inspired Individual. Our Son HRH Prince Charles Xavier–named after Charles Xavier from X-Men as played by Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir James McAvoy–Was also born with HRH Princess Isabella Swane and HRH Prince Edward James as Triplets. HRH Prince Charles Xavier Is a Yahweh Individual with dark hair. They Are All My Children with King Go’el Kallel.

I love All of That.

Sir Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen. Twilight. New Moon. Eclipse. Breaking Dawn. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

A Super As Sir James Roday. Psych. The Dukes of Hazzard.

Yahweh As Sir Patrick Stewart. X-Men. Charles Xavier. Professor X. Star Trek: The Next Generation. Captain Jean-Luc Picard. A Christmas Carol. Ebenezer Scrooge. Head Master at The Academy.

Sir James McAvoy. X-Men: First Class. Charles Xavier. Atomic Blonde. David Percival. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. Mr. Thomas.

Go’el and I have 6 older Sons. One Prince’s Name I cannot disclose at this Time. HRH Prince Roran–Middle Name to be disclosed later–Named after Roran from Eragon and Sir Keith Urban Who Is Roran in the New Eragon Movies We Will make. HRH Prince Christian Alexander–Named after Sir Christian Bale–a Yeshua Individual–and Alexander The Great. HRH Prince Christopher Thomas–named after several Supers and My Heaven Husbands–Sir Chris Evans, Sir Chris Pine, Sir Chris Pratt, Sir Chris Hemsworth–All of Which Are Individuals except for Sir Chris Pratt Who Is a Yahweh Individual representation of Yahweh Himself with a slightly different Likeness. HRH Prince Colin Keith Is Named Colin from The Secret Garden and another name for Sir James Roday. Keith is after Sir Keith Urban Who Is Like a Super for HRH Prince Colin Keith. HRH Prince Israel–Middle Name to be disclosed later–Is Named after Me and The Nation Israel.

Sir Keith Urban. Roran. Eragon. Country Music Singer. Rock Star.

Sir Christian Bale. Batman. The Dark Knight. Bruce Wayne. Newsies. Jack Kelly.

Sir Chris Evans. Captain America. Steve Rogers. Avengers. Civil War.

Sir Chris Pine. Wonder Woman. Steve Trevor. Star Trek. Captain Kirk. Into the Woods. Cinderella’s Prince Charming.

Sir Chris Pratt. Guardians of the Galaxy. Star Lord. Peter Quill. Jurassic World. Owen. Jem and the Holograms. The LEGO Movie. Emmet Brickowoski.

Sir Chris Hemsworth. Thor. Avengers. Civil War. Snow White and the Huntsman. The Huntsman.

Yahweh Is Matthew Bomer. Matthew Bomer is a Yahweh Individual with Yahweh’s Face and Body–True Yahweh’s actual Likeness–The Face of God–as close as possible outside of Heaven. Photos from My Pinterest Board–Your Style.


Matthew Bomer. Chuck. Bryce Larkin. Super Spy. Flightplan. Eric.

Wow. So Hot. So Awesome. Now you probably see why He uses the God as an Old Man cover. There Has always been something about Matthew Bomer. Something about All the Supers. All of Them Are So Hot. Male and Female. I love Them So Much.

True Yahweh As Matthew Bomer has been taking care of The Babies for Us.

This is a representation of HRH Princess Isabella Swane. She looks a little different than this. Yahweh created this photo to share with Us. He also showed Me this is what it was like for Him when I was a little Girl and He held Me–His Wife–as a Baby while He was in Each Individual and in disguise as Super Individuals around Me.

Our older Children have all been at the Academy under Head Master Sir Patrick Stewart–a Super and One of My Heaven Husbands–shown above. The Children Are All in England now.

Go’el and I have had quite a few more Babies since then. I will wait to release their Names later. Our oldest Children Are All Blonde and look like Me and Go’el. I love that.

I asked Yahweh if We could have Our Newest Babies represent People of All Cultures all over the World so All would feel represented. Go’el and I have worn many Faces throughout All of Time–many Faces representing many different races and cultures. Yahweh said We have a Baby Inspired by Each Super. The Babies Are All Children of Go’el and Me. Yahweh Said Our Children All look like Go’el and Me with light skin, but Some have a more exotic look like some of the Faces We Have worn in the Past and possibly like They Super They Are Inspired by. Every Hair Color is represented.

I love that. More than I can ever say. I want everyone to feel like They Are a part of it. I want to be able to share actual photos and videos of Our Children when We Are With Them. They Are All in England now. We would love if many of you could meet Them in Person and interact with Them. Some Supers including Gal Gadot already have. We want you to be a part of Their Lives.

HRH Princess Aurora Diana has assured Me in My Mind that Our Children All Have The Dolls representing The Favorites–The Supers–Male and Female. And Outfits. She shares with Me sometimes which Dolls She Has out at That Time. She Said this helps Her make sense of what is going on at the Time of Her In The Mind Awareness of Us–as edited by Her Super Yeshua (Jesus). That way She Can see The Faces of Her Zion and Go’el Dolls and The Favorites. It makes Me happier than I can ever say.

HRH Princess Isabella Swane’s first Word Was Dolls. She Said The Word as She suggested I add that Word to the description of the Toys I posted photos of earlier. She Is very interested in Intel like Her Father. She Is still very young, but She Can communicate more through In The Mind Awareness than She Says out loud. I love that. The Pink Butterfly Filter from Snapchat Is HRH Princess Aurora Diana’s and The Yellow Butterfly Filter from Snapchat Is HRH Princess Isabella Swane’s. Go’el owns Snapchat now. I love that. They Are working hard to remove the terrorism from Snapchat. If you ask Him–He May have to cover. He Is Invisible with Me now and Has Been With Me All The Time since the End of June 2018. It Is now Monday, October 8th, 2018 My Time.

Not every Super wants to actually be a Child. Erik–for example–said that He does not want be a Child. He said He has occasionally been One in a store. The Supers Outside Of Heaven Are not able to actually be Children or Super Individuals right now as far as I Know. A very Select Few Supers in Heaven Are The Super Individuals.

All Children everywhere Are Super Individuals right now and have been for at least 10-20 years. I think that is awesome. Yahweh and Yeshua did that to protect the Children as much as possible. Many have suffered. It helps to think of the Supers suffering in Their place. The Children do not always behave well as many of you already know. They Are Children and should be treated as Individuals. It can be beyond frustrating when you know your own Child may be Yeshua (Jesus) Himself as a Child and He will not do what He Is supposed to–even though He Knows.

Yahweh (God) and Yeshua (Jesus) wanted Us to still experience and enjoy The Children as Children. I Am so excited to learn from All of The Children and Hear everything They have to say now that We Know. I would love for Them not to have to cover ever. They Are different. They Are gifts from Heaven.

The Children Are not necessarily always the same Super similar to many Super Individuals. Some Super Individuals Are always the same Super. Some change. Sometimes Yahweh is All of Them–which Is amazing. The Ones Who don’t change Are then either Yahweh Individuals anyway or They Are not part of the Situation. They even look very different sometimes as evidenced by the TV Show Psych that many of Us watched Together Apart earlier this year. It can even be quite disturbing sometimes.

Yeshua (Jesus) Has been almost All of the Children, Teens, and Young Adults most of the Time in the last 10-20 years. That Is amazing. Yahweh Is currently most of the active Children.

We Are so looking forward to being Together Together–Children and Supers Together. I would love for Supers who have already seen The Baby or Babies Inspired by Them to post photos or videos with Them and the Other Children if They and True Yahweh, True Yeshua, and the Supers feel it is right. I would love for Supers to hold Them and spend Time with Them until We get there. Hopefully that will be soon. It’s up to True Yahweh.

I don’t like waiting. 🙂

Here’s the Breaking Dawn Cast in IMDB Order.

Kristen Stewart As Bella Swan–Isabella Swan. Bella Cullen.

Robert Pattinson As Edward Cullen.

Taylor Lautner As Jacob Black.

Peter Facinelli As Dr. Carlisle Cullen.

Elizabeth Reaser As Esme Cullen.

Ashley Greene As Alice Cullen.

Jackson Rathbone As Jackson Hale.

Leland Lutz As Emmett Cullen.

Nikki Reed As Rosalie Hale.

Billy Burke As Charlie Swan–Go’el Kallel.

Mackenzie Foy As Renesmee.

Jamie Campbell Bower As Caius.

Michael Sheen As Aro.

Charlie Bewley As Demetri.

Dakota Fanning as Jane. The Jane Effect.

Lee Pace As Garrett.

Julia Jones As Leah.

Booboo Stewart As Seth Clearwater.

Sarah Clarke As Renee.

Xavier Samuel As Riley Biers.

Michael Welch As Mike Newton.

There is more to be written but I’m too tired right now. I am in the process of writing it. I’m going to publish this now and add more tomorrow. Will you please check back? I’m writing detailed descriptions of how the movies differ from Our actual Story. I think you might want to read them before you watch the movies. I would like it all to be in the same post. I don’t want to lose what I’ve done, and I want you to read what I have so far. Thanks for being so patient.

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