Tag: Coffee Shop

Tanglegrams. 10.10.2018. 10.11.2018.

Coffee Shop. 10.9.2018.

Nachos. 10.9.2018.

Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Soy Free Nachos with amazing cheese.

Crossing Numbers. Tanglegrams. 10.8.2018.

Tanglegrams. Size 3. Tanglegram Bipartite Graphs Size 3,3.

Pancakes. Powdered Sugar. Butterscotch Syrup. Coffee Shop. 13 Tanglegrams Size 4. PhD Mathematics Dissertation. Overleaf. LaTeX Programming Language. Google. Google Chrome. Chromebook. Lenovo. WiFi.

Everything Comes Back To You. This Town. Niall Horan. Coffee Shop. Google. Google Chrome. Pancakes.

This Town. Niall Horan. Waking up to kiss you and nobody’s there The smell of your perfume still stuck in the air It’s hard Yesterday I thought I saw your shadow running round It’s funny how things never change in this old town So far from the stars And I

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